Research Presentation on Programming Self-Study System Featuring Students and Professor from Okayama University

After hosting the Guest Lecture, the Visiting Professor event series continued with a Research Presentation event on Tuesday, March 7th, 2023 at 2.00 PM WITA in the ICT Video Conference Room on the 3rd floor of Menara Phinisi. The event featured a presentation by Prof. Nobuo Funabiki from Okayama University, Japan, titled “PLAS Project: Programming Learning Assistant System for Programming Self-Study.”

“The PLAS Project is a system that can display both correct and incorrect coding results. It includes various features such as GUP, CTP, EFP, and CCP,” he explained. The Research Presentation was moderated by Dr. Eng. Jumadi M Parenreng, M.Kom, Head of the Computer Engineering and Informatics Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Makassar, and was attended by 40 students and alumni from the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department at UNM. The event also featured two students from Okayama University, Japan, Qu Huiyu and Flasma Veronicha Hendryanna, who presented their research.

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In their presentations, both speakers explained their research in detail. Qu Huiyu presented her research titled “A Blank Element Selection Algorithm for Element Fill-in-Blank Problems in Client-Side Web Programming.” In the PLAS project, she and her team of students from Okayama University focused on working on the Element Fill-in-Blank Problems (EFP) stage, where she elaborated on a program that can detect whether the program is correct or incorrect. “This project implements a project procedure with Python using open-source beautifulsoup and regular expression,” she said.

Next, Flasma Veronicha Hendryanna continued with the topic “A Platform Self-Learning of an Angular Framework Based Website Application.” In her research, the output of the project will be an application that starts with displaying how to install the angular framework, create components, and then the user will learn to complete the angular project. “If you want to learn the angular framework, you should already understand JavaScript, HTML, and Python code programs,” said the Okayama University student.

This event provided valuable insights for the participants. “After attending this event, I gained a lot of knowledge and materials from extraordinary speakers. They designed extraordinary and unimaginable system projects, and I am very lucky to be able to attend this event,” said Firman Alamsyah, a Computer Engineering student from the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Makassar.

The Research Presentation concluded with a sharing session on studying in Japan by Abdul Rahman Patta, S.Kom., M.T., who is also a Permanent Lecturer in the Computer Engineering Program at Universitas Makassar and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Japan.

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