Advancing Programming Education with PLAS Project: Insights from a Japanese Professor in Programming Workshop

On March 8, 2023, the Visiting Professor series continued with a Programming Workshop held in the Video Conference Room, ICT, on the 3rd Floor of the Menara Phinisi. The workshop was moderated by Mrs. Hj. Dyah Darma, M.Tel.Eng, and attended by 40 students of the Department of Computer Science and Informatics. Prof. Funabiki, assisted by two Okayama University students from Japan, Qi Huiyu and Flasma Veronicha Hendyanna, also participated in the workshop. The workshop was about the PLAS Project (Programming Language Assistant Study) that had been presented in the Research Presentation event on March 7, 2023 was directed by Prof. Funabiki.

Pemateri Workshop

“In PLAS, students can practice programming with real-time feedback, and all experiment results can be saved and downloaded in document form, so students can see their progress in programming,” said Qi Huiyu in her presentation.

The workshop lasted around 2 hours and provided valuable insights for the participants, especially the students of the Department of Computer Science and Informatics. “Today’s Programming Workshop was exciting and incredibly beneficial. With this workshop, I learned about an online platform for learning Programming, especially Python, where the platform helps me understand the meaning of program codes with the questions given,” said Jessica Crisfin Lapendy, a Computer Engineering student from Universitas Negeri Makassar.

Peserta Workshop

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